How To Download Sims 3 Starter Pack

Please follow the steps below to redeem your game. This is the official download process for this game.

1) Begin by Registering an account on the official Sims 3 site by Clicking HERE. If you already have an Origin account then please use that accounts email address to register, if you do not then use any email address you want.

Register Sims


2) On the registration page, enter the first key (available in the email we sent you) and fill in the rest. Once registered, to redeem the rest of the keys that make up your starter pack, go to the blue menu bar near the top of the page and click "MY PAGE" then "MY ACCOUNT"  and then click "REGISTER GAME". Enter the next two keys one at a time.

Register Game


3) Your last key will be shorter than the others (16 letters/numbers). To redeem this click "MY PAGE" then "MY ACCOUNT"  and this time sellect "REDEEM A CODE". You'll be taken to a page like the one in the picture below. Select Redeem A Code again and enter it.


3)  Now DOWNLOAD and INSTALL Origin on to your computer from HERE. If you already have Origin on your computer then please skip to Step 4.

Download Origin


4) Use the SAME DETAILS from the Sims 3 site to sign into the Origin software/app on your computer, exactly the same email address and password. Once signed in, click "My Games".

Origin Software


5) You'll find your The Sims 3 main game waiting for you to download and install. Afterwords right-click it ("THE SIMS 3" main game) then select "View Game Details". Scroll down on the game details page that opens and you're expansion games will be there for you to Download and install.

Congratulations. Along with redeeming your games, you've also successfully set up Origin, the official download manager for Sims games. This means all future Sims games you purchase from us will now take you no time at all to redeem. Enjoy your Game