How To Download Spore

Please follow the steps below to redeem your game. This is the official download process for this game.

1) DOWNLOAD and INSTALL Origin from HEREDO NOT enter your key/code on the website as this sometimes causes issues, just download and install the software then move onto Step 2.


2) On your computer, open the Origin software/app which you installed, CREATE an Origin account and log-in. For most people once logged in it should look like the images below. If you are on Mac and your software/App looks different, go to step 5 

Click on the "ORIGIN" menu located top left, then select "Redeem Product Code..." 


Follow the steps presented to enter and redeem your key/code (available in the email we sent you). 


3) A pop up titled "Select Your Product" will now appear. Please select Spore TM ( xxxxxx,xxxxx,xxxxxx, English GB, English US, xxxxx, xxxxx). Its postion in the list sometimes changes however there are only two options with US & European languages and you should NOT select Access to MySpore at as this is the wrong product


4) Click on "My Games" and you will find your game waiting for you to download and install.



Congratulations. Along with redeeming your games, you've also successfully set up Origin, the official download manager for EA games (makers of Spore, The Sims and much more). This means all future EA games you purchase from us will now take you no time at all to redeem. Enjoy your Game


5) FOR MAC OWNERS: If you are on Mac and your software does not look as above, then please make sure you have the Origin App/software fully maximized/enlarged on your screen (makes all menus visible) and use the "GAMES" menu as shown below to find the Redeem product key/code function. Enter your code there then see Steps 3 & 4.