How To Use a Sims Download Key

These instructions are for Sims 3 games. For Sims 4 Please click HERE


1) You must begin by Registering an account on the official Sims 3 site by Clicking HERE

If you already have an Origin account then please use that email to register, if you do not then use any email address you want. 

Register Sims



2) If you just have one game key and you entered it while registering then jump to STEP 3. If you have more than one game key, go to the blue menu bar near the top of the page and navigate to MY PAGE > MY ACCOUNT  and then click REGISTER GAME and repeat this process untill you have redeemed all your keys/codes.

* Enter the 20 letter/number download key* that you found at the top of the order confirmation email from us. (If your key only has 16 letters/numbers then use REDEEM A CODE, found just below in the same menu.)

Register Game



3)  Now DOWNLOAD and INSTALL Origin on your computer from HEREFor those who already have Origin installed, the game is waiting in your Origin software as soon as you redeem the key.

Download Origin



4) Use the SAME DETAILS you registered on the SIMS site to sign into your new Origin software and click "MY GAMES". If you bought Sims 3 the main game then you'll see it here and you may now Download and install the game onto your computer. If you bought Sims Expansion Pack(s) then proceed to 5)

Origin Software


5) If you are redeeming an expansion pack then right-click your Sims 3 main game then select "View Game Details". Scroll down on the game details page and you're expansion pack will be there. Click to download and install.



* For all future Sims games you purchase from us, you will only need to perform Step 2 and step 4.