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Start your engines – this is Arma 3 Karts! When we unveiled our 2014 April Fools joke via the Splendid Split parody video, some of you were quite keen for us to release the go-karts package for real. And here it is, for everyone to try. Enjoy this little sidestep in our typically military sandbox!

Key Features

  • Kart – A 20hp 4-stroke engine go-kart with four unique liveries and one random color variant.
  • Racer – Matching race drivers wearing dedicated race helmets.
  • Marshal – A racetrack safety coordinator.
  • Starter Pistol – This special revolver is used to signal the start of races and fires signaling flares.
  • Race Objects – Various (plastic) barriers used to build racetracks.
  • Time Trials – A new form of singleplayer Challenges delivered in 5 Karts Check Point races against the clock.
  • Zeus Race & Modules – Special modules to build Check Point races, and pre-set races to jump straight into the multiplayer action.



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Arma 3: Karts (DLC)