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Ferocious raiders from a frigid north or a complex society filled with intrepid explorers, traders, and poets? Discover the true richness of the Norse world with Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords, the first in-depth flavor pack for the critically acclaimed Crusader Kings III.

The Vikings have left their indelible mark on the Middle Ages with their fantastic sagas of travel, plunder, and gods. Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords lets players enhance their base game with a host of new options, from realm-displacing Varangian adventures, runestones, Blot sacrifices, to Viking beards and brutal berserkers.

Norse Adventurer Realms

Famous for their adventuring spirit, Norse characters may uproot their realm, conquer foreign lands, and establish new kingdoms on distant shores with the Varangian Adventure mechanic.

New customization options

Get ready for ferocious Viking facial hair or clothe your ruler in historically appropriate wolfskin cloaks. A new background longhouse serves as the perfect scene and setting for your feasts and murderous schemes.

Jomsvikings and Shieldmaidens

Holy warriors and stalwart shieldmaidens are ready to take up their arms on your behalf. Equally influential are poet characters who can aid your prestige and diplomacy with their stinging rebukes or swooning romantic ballads.

Original Art and Music

A legendary musical score specifically created for this flavor pack hosts four new tracks, serving as the perfect accompaniment to a boisterous Viking adventure. Encounter new 3D models on the map and Norse-themed art adorning everything from loading screens to the user interface.

New Culture Content and Options

A host of new game features and options wait to be explored. Discover everything from Blot sacrifices, berserkers, trials by combat, runestones, to new cultural innovations, special Viking dynastic legacies, and a myriad of other new events, decisions, and characters.




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Crusader Kings III – Northern Lords (DLC)