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Buy For Honor (Complete Edition) PC Download (EMEA)

For Honor Complete Edition includes:

  • For Honor (Base Game)
  • Marching Fire Expansion
  • Year 1: Heroes Bundle
  • Year 3 Pass

About The Game:

Fight for survival as a bold Knight, brutal Viking, deadly Samurai, or vicious Wu Lin warrior. Get the ultimate For Honor® experience with the base game, Marching FireTM Expansion, Year 1: Heroes Bundle, and Year 3 Pass.


  • The base game includes 12 Heroes, 7 multiplayer modes, a story campaign, and the new 4v4 Castle Siege Breach mode.
  • The Marching Fire Expansion includes 4 new Heroes (Shaolin, Nuxia, Jiang Jun, and Tiandi) and the unlimited solo or co-op PvE Arcade mode.
  • The Year 3 Pass includes 4 new Heroes coming in 2019 (1 week early access) and 4 elite outfits (1 per new Hero).
  • The Year 1: Heroes Bundle includes 6 additional Heroes (Centurion, Shinobi, Gladiator, Highlander, Aramusha, and Shaman) and 6 elite outfits (1 per Hero).
  • Plus, enjoy bonus content including scavenger crates, Champion Status, and effects on emotes.



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For Honor (Complete Edition) (EMEA)