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The land of Middle-earth is full of danger, but the items in our latest pack guarantee you’re prepared for battle. Destroy Morgul LEGO with the Shadow Sword, equip yourself with Jeweled Mithril Armor of the finest Dwarven craftsmanship, or activate the Light Orb Shield for the ultimate protection. The Axe Guitar, Orc Cleaver and Orc Bow will make short work of your opponents, while a pair of Lake-town Boots and Smaug’s Feet will keep you adventuring in style! The Buddy-up Gloves allow you to smash through Buddy-up cracks solo, while Smaug’s Headdress and the Dwarf King Wig will ensure your presence is majestic at all times.




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Lego: The Hobbit – The Battle Pack (DLC)