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Spintires – SHERP Ural Challenge (Base game required) includes:

  • Officially licensed SHERP® N ATV (4×4)
  • Officially licensed SHERP® the ARK ATV (10×10)
  • A sizable and highly detailed map closely inspired by Yugyd Va National Park with various dynamic obstacles.

About Spintires – SHERP Ural Challenge

  • The ultimate off-road challenge, climb aboard incredibly detailed soviet inspired vehicles and venture across the rough and tough terrain motherland Russia has to offer. Featuring a highly unique physics-based deformable terrain and water interaction technology. Spintires boasts a quirky new experience every time you play.
  • A small town is recovering from the wake of a storm which has left widespread destruction and isolated flooding. To help rebuild the village, we urge you to join the logging efforts. Jump onboard the petrol B-133 or the diesel B-133GYa and play your part in helping restore some of the damages caused by this catastrophic event.
  • Take the reins of the astonishingly capable ATV’s (All-Terrain Vehicle) produced by SHERP® in this officially licensed DLC. Climb aboard the SHERP® N 4X4 ATV with its huge low-pressure tires and its flat-bottomed design allowing you to climb over obstacles of all shapes and sizes, use this vehicle to scout for cloaks located around the map before bringing in the monstrous SHERP® the ARK 10×10 ATV, the big boy of the pack
  • This DLC also includes a highly detailed map closely inspired by Yugyd Va National Park in the Ural Mountains area, offering the perfect environment to demonstrate the capabilities of the SHERP® ATV’s! There are various challenges found throughout the map, including a collapsable bridge and an objective that is only accessible by water.
  • Winch yourself, or friends out of a mudslinging exercise and explore the depths of Russia, finding garages and fuel stations to keep your vehicle alive – carry logs and bring them to the objectives without becoming lost or stuck in the mud. Unlock and use more capable vehicles, or install one of the vast amounts of attachments available to help you along the way.



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Spintires – SHERP: Ural Challenge (DLC)