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Venture into the deep woods to discover new surprises, including dangerous and wondrous herbs, new species of fish, creepy insects, and…bears? Hang out by the campfire before trying to find the hermit rumored to live in the deepest parts of the forest.

Key features

  • Wander into an all-new destination — Your Sims can now make an escape from their everyday lives into the pine-filled air of Granite Falls. Let’s just hope that your Sims aren’t squeamish about insects.
  • Set up the perfect camp — No camping trip is complete without the proper supplies. Be sure to purchase your Sims a tent and outfit them in new hiking gear.
  • Enjoy unique outdoor activities — Lay back for a night of stargazing and let your Sim’s imagination run wild! Join a game of horseshoes to unwind and see what adventure awaits within the bramble patch.
  • Gather around the campfire — Treat your Sims to some roasted marshmallows and tell fireside stories of adventure, wonder, and fright for the whole gang.
  • Create exotic potions as an herbalist — Build your Sim’s herbalism skill to create a variety of useful potions, from insect repellent to a concoction that can help soothe a tense Sim. This new skill will be useful to help Sims identify which wild plants are edible or poisonous.


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The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat