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Buy World of Warcraft 60-day time card (US)

  • With the World of Warcraft Pre-Paid Game Card you can continue your epic quest for 60 days without a credit card. Follow the instructions at and be up and running in minutes. The World of Warcraft Game Card is a perfect gift for any adventurer in Azeroth.
  • Choose to play as a human, elf, orc or troll on the side of, respectively the Alliance (human and elf) or the Horde (orc and troll), and then equip your character according to their chosen class, which includes mage, priest or warrior amongst others.
  • Then set off on quests and missions, seeking treasures, battling monsters and interacting with the plethora of detailed and realistic non-playing characters (NPCs) that populate the fantasy world.


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World of Warcraft 60-day time card (US)